A delightful riveting novel about a young man and his relationships shared as he grows up and move forward in life. As a child he meets a friend in grade school that change the course of his life. You will read about his relationship with his parents, his best friend, his brother and the intimate relationships he shared with his girlfriends. He makes you smile, cry, or even laugh as you identify with many of his chosen decisions. From child to teen and ultimately and adult he shares very deep feelings about his life with you. So, find a quiet place, a cozy chair, and your favorite beverage choice. Sit back relax and enjoy “Kindergarten Friend”.


Rejoin the Parker family in this sequel to Tressa Olden’s “Kindergarten Friend. Following the tragic death of his fiancée in the terrorist attacks of September 11, Billy must find a way to put his life back together. After much sadness and grief, he throws himself into his new and growing law practice. Things get a bit complicated when Billy is soon faced with a high-profile murder case that’s much more personal than he could have predicted. His professional life isn’t all Billy has to worry about, his ex-girlfriend suddenly steps back in his life. Not only is it difficult for Billy to uncover her true intentions in regard to her leaving before, but what kind of relationship did the future hold. A much research it’s revealed his ex has a child which she claims is his, is it true? How will Billy deal with the loss and grief, a court case, and a possible child? Inquiring Minds focuses on God’s possibilities. It captures William Parker (Billy) and the people around him that help him grow and show him how to live again after a heartache. There’s a devout Christian woman who prays knowing that with God all things are possible, There, is an older but familiar detective who will guide him through the mucky waters of criminal law., an encouraging word from a child, to lift is spirit and many others. As they help him is better able to help them. Questions are hopefully answered as we, life’s earthly creatures as Billy must struggle to make sense of life and thrive.


Kachifo, follows the life of the Parker family and friends. Billy Parker’s life has come full circle and all grown up still learning how to navigate his relationships as a young man. He takes on new adventures with old friends, family and marriage. Billy makes important life choses as he moves ahead in life regarding his childhood friend. Out with the old and in with the new as Dora the housekeep retires and the family gets a new with a special bonus that impacts the family. Doris finds a passion for helping the less fortunate and includes Finley her butler along in her escapades. Sonja a young girl travels to Africa to find herself. From celebration, homecomings, births, death, Billy’s life comes together. A novel of triumph and tragedy, forgiveness and blame, Kachifo, navigates the ups and downs of a grand lifestyle that communicates the thin line between the good and bad of money.


This book is about relationships. It is centered on a young man’s life as he maneuvers through the challenges of a new wife, baby, and business. William Parker is a bright young attorney and is a Christian, attending seminary who is trying at this point in his life to be upstanding and do things right. Life is throwing him many curves with his friends, staff, and ex-girlfriend who works as a legal secretary in his firm. There are many unfavorable situations that come into play with his fellow attorneys, his mother, father and other’s that raise red flags in the relationships. William begins to question his call because of the coincidences that appears to be happening around him. His new wife is feeling the pressure with having another baby and supporting her husband who is trying to keep things running smoothly with his law firm. There are twists and turns as the story highlights other relationships that are spinning out of control with his friends, fellow attorneys and clergymen. There is sadness, joy and I’d say reconciliation. God’s ways.