Overview (The S.T.O.W.)

The S.T.O.W. is a custom designed online shopping center, created to allow small and potential business owners to test out their products and/or services in a fun, professional high pace online marketplace. The S.T.O.W. offers a variety of services to store owners and site visitors. These services include, but are not limited to;

Online market space to sell your products or services 

An online Gaming Room (w/ real cash winnings)

Graphic and promotional tools for business promotion 

Raffles and other great prizes 

Back office support services for store owners

Entrepreneur encouragement and support forums


Discounted Website Building and Media Services  

Sales incentives and more

How It Works

Sign up / Store Lease  (Store owners only)

Small business and potential business owners are invited to sign up for rental space in The S.T.O.W. for a very low rate! Signing up requires completing the online registration form, and confirming that you understand the terms of the services. Store owners must possess or prepare to sign up for a Business PayPal account in order to sale merchandise or products in The Online Mall. All financial transactions are completed via PayPal.

Shopping / Selling

Store owners will be allowed to sell a set amount of items (per store leased) Store owners wishing to sell more items than their rental space permits, has the option to lease additional spaces if available, and is also encourage to get an Efarley Website for business expansion when needed. Efarley websites can be linked to The S.T.O.W. and vice versa. We do not link with other websites at this time, although you are more than welcome to link your existing website to your leased page on The S.T.O.W. Customers are welcome to shop on your page at any time. There is no membership required for customers to shop on The S.T.O.W. Customers will be encouraged to take a survey after their shopping experience. Store Owners are encourage to offer great services and quality products. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

Please view the FAQ's page for answers to commonly asked questions about The S.T.O.W. We also welcome your direct questions in our Customer Service Center.



The S.T.O.W. / Online Mall, is an Efarley Productions Company©. However, Products and services sold on this site are provided by independent business owners and their support vendors. In the event of a mishap, injury, bodily harm, or death as a result of any product or service purchased on this site, The S.T.O.W./ Efarley Productions Company® assumes no responsibility, with exception to Efarley Production branded products or services. Our goal is to provide a platform for business owners to reach an online market. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who may operate in practices that are discriminatory, age inappropriate, unlawful, or causes division in our family friendly atmosphere. Any and all legal disputes will be redirected to independent store owners, or their legal representation.

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