Available Services




$9.99 Per Month

Enjoy 30 days of space on the Online Mall, where you will be able to display and sell products or services in a high pace online market. Your customers will have the comfort of knowing there is a Customer Support Center to assist with questions about your product or services. Customers will be drawn in your direction with games and real cash prizes at no additional expense to you. Your lease also gives you access to discounted promo tools. You will also have access to the Store Owner Lounge, where entrepreneurs are encouraged, and able to share experiences with other business owners. This online rental space requires a $25 setup fee, or restart fee when you choose to stop and restart your services. Not to worry, this fee is not applied more than once, as long as the store remains open. 






Take advantage of our Product change update. If you have more than 5 items to sell, but not ready to lease additional space, or launch your full website: or maybe like most of us, you want to sell whichever items are moving faster, not to worry. Store owners are able to request a product change at anytime. There is a $5.00 processing fee for this service. 




$18.00 and up

 Although not required for The S.T.O.W. we recommend that you take out a Domain Name to put on your business cards and promotional tools to direct customers straight to your store. A domain allows you to have an individual address on the web that can direct your customers to your products and services. Another benefit of securing your domain name now, is to ensure that when you are ready to open your full website, someone has not taken your name.  Example (www.yourbusinessnamehere.com




$7.00 Per Month

It is our experience that potential customers will take you more seriously, and are allot more trusting of your product or services, and more willing to pay upfront, when corresponding with you on a professional email address. Free email accounts such as (Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL) are great tools, However, customers are well aware that anyone can get these accounts for free, and it may end up costing you the sale.  The S.T.O.W. can help you setup a professional email account that represents your business. Having a professional email  requires a Domain purchase. We highly recommended if you plan to correspond with customers. Example (yourname@yourbusinessnamehere.com)




FREE with rental space

With this service, you will have the comfort of knowing that your customers questions and concerns are being acknowledged even when you are busy. The S.T.O.W. will be able to contact you directly, sparing you the pain of giving all of your personal information to every customer. This service is not a resolution tool for your business, but a liaison and correspondence service, to make customer service allot easier for you. 




$5.00 Per Week

Want to give your online store and extra boost for customer attention? The S.T.O.W. offers ad space on our high energy bulletin board. This digital bulletin will be posted on the welcome area of the mall and shared across social media platforms where most of our customers visit frequently. Run your ad for a week to help boosts your sales!  This service is available to Non- Store Owners of the S.T.O.W. However, discounted pricing is only for store owners.




$14.99 and up 

 Come on, it’s 2019! Every business at the least, needs a logo for representation. Allow customers to identify your brand with your own custom logo. Basic Logos starting as low as $14.99 





 Want to remind people in passing about your products and services? After all these years, it is still the good ole Business Card that lets people know you mean business. The S.T.O.W. will send you 500 business cards, designed and printed right to your selected address for $50 (yup, all taxes and processing included) This is a service you do not want to skip. Other print options available. 



 FLYERS (500)


 Another way to promote your products and service to an OFFLINE audience is a postcard or flyer! Yes, we have you covered on that too! The S.T.O.W. will send you 500 5x7 Flyers, designed and printed right to your selected address for $160.00 (Yup, all taxes and processing included) Other print options available.





 Now if you really want to turn heads, let’s go where your competitors may not be able to go. How about your own product commercial! That’s right, turn heads on social media with a professionally prepared digital commercial by Efarley Web Media and Graphics®. You are guaranteed to draw interest at this level of promotion. Let us produce and design a commercial that will show and tell customers just what to expect from your product and services. We also prepare product and services tutorials. and training videos for your business. Prices may vary.