REFERRAL PROGRAM

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Who would have thought that a "causal mention" could potentially  drop $5 bills in your wallet, repeatedly? 

No Limits!



The S.T.O.W. pays a $5.00 referral compensation to any of our Facebook Follower who refers a new Store Owner; Once a new Store Owner has activated their new account, and identified one of our Facebook Followers as the referring source; The S.T.O.W. will locate your name on our followers list, and a $5 compensation payment will be paid to you directly via PayPal or Cash App. No limit on referrals! How easy is that?

Follow these 4 easy steps, and get paid! 

1.  Follow/Like The Stow on Facebook

2. Casually mention us to a Friend 

3. Make sure they know your Facebook name 

4. When that new Store Owner activates their account, receive your pay!

NOTE: The S.T.O.W. never pays out prizes to Non- Facebook Followers (No exceptions)

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