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Ministry live links is an online tool brought to you by The S.T.O.W. Online Mall. This is a free service with the options of upgrades if desired. More information about upgrades below. Ministry live links allows churches to add their live link to our directory. This directory will be advertised across social media platforms. Hundreds, if not thousands of individuals will have the opportunity to see your ministry link among others. Individuals who enjoy what your ministry has to offer, will be able to come back to the link regularly and view your services. Using this platform is very easy, and requires very little effort on your part. Users of this tool will be asked to answer a few simple questions. Questions includes; the name of your ministry, the city and state, and the pastor or organization leaders name. You will also be asked to provide the live link in which you would like to direct individuals to view your services. Users signing up will be asked to list their name, and a contact email. Although your personal information will not be made public, we must have a point of contact before we list your church on Ministry live links.



Although ministry live links is completely free, and you will never receive a bill for the standard services, there are options available for upgrades. Current options are as follows;


Video display in the Online Mall $20 Per Stream [Optional]

This feature allows individuals to view your live stream directly from the online mall. Why is this feature helpful?

The link that you provide to ministry live links with our free service, will redirect individuals back to your social media, or website accounts. Therefore, individuals may be discouraged from viewing your live stream if they are first required to:

1. add you as a friend

2. setup an account

3. link to additional pages that they do not trust.


It is a known fact that web users are sometimes discouraged to click on links, and/or sign up to view content for the first time. Using our Video Display Feature allows visitors to view your live stream directly from the Online Mall, without being redirected to another platform, or asked to sign up, or take other steps that may discourage them from viewing your live stream. (Note) This feature does not work with all platforms.


Online Offering/Donation collection 10%  [Optional]

Flat rate option available.

This feature allows individuals to make an online contribution to your ministry. You will be provided with a full name, and mailing address of contributors (unless they have opted to remain anonymous in their giving.) It is your responsibility to follow donation regulations in your county, and be prepared to provide written receipts to those making a contribution within the tax deductible minimum amounts based on your states guidelines.

Ministry Website by Efarley Web Media®

As part of Ministry live links, you will be giving the option to have a website created by EFARLEY Web Media® at a discounted rate. The features of having a website for your ministry are endless, and cannot be captured within this small paragraph. To set up a consultation for a new website, and receive pricing information please contact:



Larry E. Farley, Jr.

Production Manager/Owner                    

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