Frequently Asked Questions 

What does S.T.O.W. mean?

S.T.O.W. stands for "Standard Transaction Operational Websites."  We provide an online platform that allows basic transactions for a large number of store owners. We use a simplistic business model, that is user friendly, and easy for all to navigate.

How do I get Started / What is the cost?

For just $9.99 per month you can sell items on the online mall! Visit our Admin Office and click Sign Up / Open a store, to get started. The current registration fee is $25.00 Rent payments are  due on the 1st day of each month. If your start date is not on the 1st day of the month, your invoice will be prorated until such a time as the new billing cycle begins. Here is a list of item that you will need to have prepared when opening your store.

1. Create a Business Name

2. Open a Business PayPal Account 

3. Email address (For S.T.O.W. Admin, not required for public)

4. Phone Number (For S.T.O.W. Admin, not required for public)

5. A Product or Service to sell 

6. Images of your Products and Service (At least one)

How many products can I sell in my store?

Currently the Online Mall is designed for Store Owners to sale up to 5 products / services per store, with an unlimited number of transactions. Store Owners are welcome to extend into additional space. Store Owners are also encouraged to purchase an website, as it can be attached directly to your online store, allowing customers direct access to all that you have to offer!

What if I wish to discontinue services / Is there a contract?

Rental space in the Online Mall is on a prepaid (Month to Month) basis. If you wish to discontinue services, do not pay for the upcoming invoice. Some stores are seasonal or opened on an (as needed) basis. This is okay. Services will terminate automatically. Please note, The S.T.O.W. does not refund amounts for early terminations in the middle of a billing cycle, as we are not refunded by our support vendors which we pay at the beginning of each month to allow customers space online. If you wish to restart services after a complete termination, you must resubmit your $25.00 registration fee. Contact customer service for same day closures.

Is there a grace period for late payments?

Yes. Services will not terminate on the 1st day of the calendar month if payment has not been received. However after the 3rd day of the calendar month, public access to your store will be denied. On the 4th day of the calendar month a $5 reinstatement fee will be applied to your Invoice. After the 9th day of the calendar month your store will be listed as available for rent. 

How do I get paid, and how often?

Store owners are independent, and all financial transactions are processed through your Business PayPal account. We do not control how fast you get paid. In most cases PayPal transactions are instant, but there are a number of factors that can cause a hold in payment. This question is better directed to

Am I my own Boss? 

You are TOTALLY your own boss! With exception to a few "common value" rules that we have in place to ensure the overall integrity of the Online Mall; the way that you run your business is totally up to you. The S.T.O.W. believes in good customer service, and as long as that is happening for visitors to the website, we are all happy! We do however reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who may operate in practices that are discriminatory, age inappropriate, or causes division in our family friendly atmosphere. 

Can I advertise my business if I am not a Store Owner?

Yes! Although there are awesome special low cost advertising rates for Store Owners only, our billboard is open to the general public at a non discounted rate. Currently the advertising rate is $20.00 per week.  Please note that there is limited space, and Store Owners are always priority. Billboard content must be approved by our Administrative Team prior to posting for Non Store Owners.  

What is The Business Center?  

The Business Center is a non public area of the Online Mall that has been created for Store Owners. In this private area , Store Owners are able to customize and make updates to their store, order discounted business promotional tools such as business cards, flyers, banners, digital commercials, and other tools to grow and expand their brand! Store Owners also has full access to an Entrepreneur Encouragement and informational bulletin board. In addition there are games, incentives, and prizes for Store Owners in this area.