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Hair Growth Oil

Hair Growth oil: This product contains essential oils, carrier oils, and root oils, if pregnant please consult


Herbal cleanse (Dr Sebi recommended)

Mixed herbs, these herbs were recommended by Dr Sebi , the purpose of these herbs are to detox you, and cleanse the system , The herbs are known to assist with the onset of cold and flu, they work by removing the mucus out of your system , One pack is good for 5 cups of water, each package can be boiled up to 3 times


Seaweed Face Mask

The sea weed facemask is a clay based detox mask for medium to oily skin, the more the mask dries down the more oil it pulls from the skin, this is why it is paired with an aloe based toner for use after the mask, splash on to a fresh face and go.


Flaxseed Gel

This gel is all natural no preservatives and full of vitamins , holds the hair in place while feeding your strands, it comes in a squeezable bottle to make it easier to manage. Refrigeration is suggested for longevity.


Mini Spa day

Treat yourself to a relaxing milk bath with real herbs, the options are Lavender and also Eucalyptus , this bath will relax your mind and body, the herbs will relax any muscle strain , the all natural soft scented oil will soften and rehydrate the skin after your bath, with any herb please check with Dr before use especially if pregnant.


Hair shaft oil

The hair shaft oil is great for strengthening the hair shaft, this oil is not to be placed on the scalp but just the strands of hair, the purpose of the oil is for length retention it prevents breakage and minimizes shedding , naturally your hair will shed to make room for new growth but mostly after protective styling


Eczema relief

This cream has been reformulated for people with Eczema and nut allergies, there are no perfumes in this cream, it is all natural , its base is a mango butter, there are no nut oils, this cream serves as a relief from dryness and itching , this cream will hydrate and even soften effected areas


Scalp Refresher

This scalp refresher is just that, it is good for people who enjoy protective styling, who has locs, or even just in between wash days. Scalp refresher stimulates the scalp , opens pours and assist hair in growth, simply apply to your scalp and message for you desired length of time. The refresher can be left on or you can choose to dab off the remaining.


Whipped Shaebutter

4 oz whipped Shaebutter , comes in several scents, light creamy texture goes on oily and melts into the skin for a silky finish